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Daniel – ‘he’s going through a harder time’

Daniel Ricciardo revealed Max is getting hung up on missing places after two DNF’s thanks to technical issues…..


Daniel capitalized on his lack of positions in Baku after making up a ridiculous amount of places over the course of the race.


Now Dan can tell that the young Belgium-Dutchman is getting down on loosing out after being in such a good position for the first half of  the races.


“Max has had two races in a row where I guess where he’s been in strong positions and it hasn’t worked out for him through, I believe, no fault of his own,” Ricciardo explained.

“Obviously he’s going through a harder time on the fortune side of things right now but he’s driving well and I think he knows that”

“He’s missing possible podiums and chunks of points here and there but for sure he’ll bounce back.”

“It’s frustrating and I’m sure he’s annoyed right now but he’s driving well, as I said, and he knows it so I’m sure he will continue to persist and be strong.”

“We’ll keep pushing each other so that will continue to be important for both of us and the team as the season goes on.”

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