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Cyril Will Stick With Jolyon


Cyril Abiteboul has revealed Renault are sticking with their driver Jolyon Palmer despite the lack of points in a attempt to build him up!….

Jolyon Plamer has suffered a difficult few weekends, sadly just being outside the points in many of the races.

The problem remains as well, with his internal benchmark being Nico Hulkenberg who has had a much better time scoring 14 points so far, overall.

However, Cyril Abiteboul will stick with the driver with the intention of bringing him up to speed on the grid.


“I think during the weekend, he had on occasion glimpses of a good performing package overall – a combination of the car, the set-up, the balance and himself driving – we could see that and again in particular in qualifying.”


“But I think it’s in general on Saturday, that’s the issue, we put the car on the Tarmac, it immediately works and some of the times you put it on the Tarmac and it doesn’t work and you have not changed a lot.” Cyril Continued.


“On Saturday, he was not happy in the morning. Going into qualifying it was not better and on Sunday it didn’t improve. We have to look into that – we are committed to make this work.”


“But you know – that’s five races into the season, so we also have more statistics to understand what is working and what is not working.”


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  1. Renault’s problem ,in my opinion, has always been Decisions made by Cyril.His latest mistake was taking on Jolyon and instead of rectifying it by replacing Jolyon after the latter has proved his worth ,Cyril insists on continuing with the bad luck driver . My suggestion would be for Renault to get Filipe Naser at least as a reserve driver who would do some free practice sessions for the team and let the comparison show who is more efficient .

    • Again I don’t expect Cyril to read my comments but if he does would he listen ? that’s the question,I often wonder if he even listens to internal suggestion within his team

      • I agree Mark! Just from a basic stand point, it would be a good way to prove which driver is worth investing their time in. Moreover, he is a wasted resource considering he is a driver with experince

        • Cian ,thanks for the comment ,for Renault’s sake I hope everyone in the top management sees it our way .

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