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Controversy in Baku as Red Bull drivers collide

There was controversy in Baku, Azerbaijan, as for the second time in three races, Red Bull Racing scored a double-DNF, this time it at the hands of their own drivers – Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen coming together on lap 40 of the 51 lap encounter.

The pair had been inseparable for a great deal of the Grand Prix, and with Ricciardo seeming quicker, it was the Australian, putting pressure on Verstappen, that collided with the back of the Dutchman’s Red Bull, taking both cars out of the race. Neither driver seemed to want to apportion blame, at least not publicly, and with Red Bull openly admitting its drivers a free to race one-another, team boss Christian Horner has already said that both drivers will be expected to visit the factory to apologise to their staff.

“I think it shouldn’t have happened, of course, but it doesn’t matter who’ to blame, it’s just bad for the team, we lost a lot of points today” remarked Verstappen.

“It’s a pretty crappy situation” admitted Ricciardo, “myself and Max need to apologise to them [the team] for how it ended.

“We were battling, we want to race, and we are thankful that the team let us race. This is the worst scenario, that’s the crappy part of it, that it’s come to that.

“We’d battled all race, we’d touched once or twice already, not nice from a team’s point of view. We obviously don’t feel too great”.

Red Bull’s motorsport adviser, Helmut Marko added; “It was a racing incident between the two, there’s not one more at fault than the other.

“We always let the drivers race, we don’t have a number one, we don’t have a number two, but we expect responsibilities from the drivers side” Marko concluded.

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