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Circuits In Review – Canada


This time we’re looking at the Canadian GP, home to some brilliant sights and even the odd animal interruption…..


First, lets take a look at last year. As Sebastian fought off the likes of Lewis and Nico, it seems the reason he gave for his loss, was thanks to some very stern seagulls.



Many were quick to say the seagulls had been a trick from Mercedes…but we will leave that to peoples imagination.


Then if we jump back to 2008 before, we had another friendly visitor, this time a local ground hog!



Now aside from the local wildlife, the track itself is one that is popular with many drivers, thanks to it’s incredibly long straights and the good flow they can find through the corner.


The track is over 4km long with a total distance of 305.27km and has even been featured as far back as 1978.



Moreover, the prolific track will be celebrating it’s 50th year of racing this weekend!


The lap record was set by the legend Rubens Barrichello, who managed an amazing 1:13:622 but many fans and teams have predicted it to be smashed this year thanks to the new spec of cars!


The Formula 1 page states the tracks historic background comes from a group of French and English speaking fans who noticed the need for a bigger, safer track than that of Mont-Tremblant before it.


“In the 1960s the rivalry between French and English speaking Canada meant that the country’s Grand Prix had two homes: Mosport Park one year and Mont-Tremblant the next. By 1970, however, Mont-Tremblant was deemed too dangerous and the race moved full time to Mosport Park.”


“In 1977 the French Canadians, motivated by the incredible success of Gilles Villeneuve, decided it was about time they built a race track. Building a new circuit simply wasn’t feasible, however, as time and money were against them.”


“Their solution was simple and effective. Taking the Ile Notre-Dame, they connected all the island’s roads and made a circuit. The island had been the home of the 1967 World Fair (Expo’67) and was full of futuristic looking buildings. It was, everyone agreed, a perfect venue for a Grand Prix.”


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