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Brundle – Penalty Not Harsh Enough


Ex-racer and Sky Sports commentator, Martin Brundle believes Sebastian Vettel’s punishment for Baku was not harsh enough…..


Brundle has stood out to oppose the FIA’s ruling on the Sebastian-Lewis incident that occurred at the Azerbaijan track, Baku.


The presenter feels the punishment should be much harsher and worries about the president it sets for younger drivers.


“If I’m brutally honest, I didn’t think the penalty was harsh enough. I looked at what went on and I understood a bit of the gamesmanship. What I didn’t understand was the retaliation,” 


“I think what Vettel did was uncalled for, unnecessary, and I don’t understand the FIA saying he’s got to go and educate young drivers.”


“Every young driver that I know of was watching that Grand Prix and what they’ve seen happen, and now what they’ve seen as the consequence after, doesn’t stack up. I’ve got a little bit of an issue with it I’ve got to admit”

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