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Brown Increasingly Angry With Honda


Zak Brown has all but lost his hope with the Honda side of McLaren and is becoming increasingly angry with the teams lack of performance…..


Fernando went into the Canadian GP in full form last weekend, but just as he was about to nab the teams first point this season, the car spluttered to a stop.


Now, executive director Zak Brown is also voicing his concern with the teams lack of performance.


“Fernando did a world champion job again, and the engine let him down again,”


“It’s a bit of the same old story, which is something that needs to get fixed one way or another. Because we can’t keep doing this.”


“I think he was clearly going to get our first – not even points – but point. It was good to see Stoffel make it to the finish. But I’m just speechless.” Brown said, infuriated with very small target they still couldn’t hit.


“You feel like you’re finally going to get your first point of the year, and a couple of laps from the end, it goes. Just really poor power, and really poor reliability.”



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