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Bottas Worried About Size



Valtteri Bottas has revealed he is worried about the new spec of cars being too big for the Monaco circuit…..


With space already sparse on the track, no one wanted bigger cars to race around it!



However, times have changed and drivers are just going to have to make do but Bottas believes it will be more of challenge than most are predicting.


“A car with the longest wheelbase on a track with so many slow corners,” Bottas Explained.


“We could be slower than them.”


At least the Silver Arrow car has the straight line speed, but it will be a real test for Botta’s car control, even the slightest miscalculation will send you straight into the barrier.



Niki Lauda also shared Botta’s skepticism ahead of the race and is worried the cars wont be able to keep up.


“We will have our problems with our longest wheelbase through the tight corners,”


“It will be even worse than in Singapore,” Lauda Continued.



Even the usually confident Hamilton predicted a tough weekend ahead.


“We have new cars this weekend which are wider and faster,” Hamilton added.


“That’s going to be a massive challenge.”


“It’ll be a real test of your awareness of where the car is. I’m sure there will be some brushing of the barriers,”

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