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Bottas – Wheel Base had Minimal Effect


Valtteri Bottas revealed the tricky balance is not thanks to the new, longer chassis but instead it was a set-up issue….


With the longest wheel base on the track and what seemed to be a very  inconsistent set of races from Bottas.


However, as Bottas explained, It was more of a set-up issue than an instability problem.


“I think the long wheelbase of the car had probably a minimal effect,”


“The team has done simulations and calculations and it [the wheelbase] was only a small problem -much more it was a set-up issue.”


“We learned about our issues and probably just struggled to get the car well set-up for the track. And also it is a type of track where the Ferrari car is better.”


“They seemed to find a much better balance than us in Monaco and, as a driver, if you find a good balance and do a lot of laps with confidence, it can make a big difference.” 


With the teams still getting used to the new cars and the drivers trying to find the new parameters, it is expected the races may vary as they both try to work out the best way to set the car for the track.

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