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Angry McLaren Doesn’t Spell End To Honda

Honda chief Yusuke Hasegawa revealed Zak Browns comments were well placed but do not necessarily mean the team will drop the supplier….


Yusuke Hasegawa has had a tough time with Zak Brown and McLarens development after upgrades failed to arrive on time and some not even arriving at all.


After some bashful and angry comments from Zak, Hasegawa revealed he does not blame the American for his comments.


“I don’t think it has changed since the winter Barcelona test,” Hasegawa explained.


“They are all still frustrated, and of course we are frustrated as well. So Zak’s comments are very understandable. We are frustrated and we are disappointed, so it’s no wonder if they comment about something like that.”


“Of course good results will cheer the team up, but even in a difficult situation we have a very strong connection. But even so it is very difficult to keep (the team together).”


“We are frustrated, but feeling frustration in the race does not directly mean ‘they want to divorce’ nor ‘ending the contract’. The frustration in the race and the decision making for the relationship are totally different matters.”


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