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Alonso – ‘I think our car will be better suited’

Fernando Alonso is ready for the Spielberg track in Austria and believes it is a good place to test the new upgrades as the car is already well ‘suited’ to the track and should be on peak performance this weekend……


Fernando must be feeling very happy, now that the car has managed to get a few sneaky upgrades in the form of a ‘revised Spec 3 power unit’ which the team hope will cure a few of the reliability issues as well as get the car closer to its true power.


However, taking it back a bit to the Azerbajan city circuit, Baku Fernando revealed he had a difficult but a fun race.


“I really enjoyed my race in Baku,” Alonso explained.


“Our performance in the race not only showed that the foundations of our car package are strong, but also that our operational team – our mechanics, engineers and strategists – are all racers, poised and waiting to take advantage of any situation.”


“Two points may have been a small consolation after an extremely tough weekend, but, as I said at the time, we’ll take it and use it to drive us forwards.”


With Austria over the horizon, Alonso is looking forward to using the new package and trying to secure some more points for the team.


“And there are reasons to feel more optimistic about our weekend in Austria.”


“It’s a circuit that’s not as dependent on power as some of the recent races, and I think our car will be better suited to the twists and turns of the Spielberg circuit.” Fernando continued.


“We’ve also got a couple of useful steps coming on the car, including – hopefully – Honda’s revised Spec 3 power unit, which I tried during Friday practice in Azerbaijan.”


“Every step is important, so I’m looking forward to a positive weekend where we can once again get everything out of the car.”

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