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Abiteboul – “No one is safe in F1”

Cyril Abiteboul revealed that Jolyon Palmer has to start scoring points of face the fact that the team will find some one else….


It seems Renault is taking a leaf from Ferrari’s book in terms of cut throat driving.


Cyril Abiteboul has issued a warning that they will not continue to miss out on points because Jolyon won’t perform.


“No one is safe in F1.” Cyril said coldly.


“F1 is not an environment where anyone can say loudly, ‘I’m safe’. To a certain degree there are two questions. There is Jo, and there is a second driver. Right now my focus is on Jo. Jo has to deliver.”


“What would happen then, I don’t want to elaborate on that, and even further, who would be stepping in, because that’s absolutely not the point for today.”


“The fact is that Jo has a car which is a point-scoring car, and he has to enter into the points. Full stop.”

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