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Max Still Hurting From Failures

Max still seems very upset from so many brilliant performances only to be thwarted by technically issues with the car…..


Max Verstappen has suffered a terrible time recently after raising up through the grid only to have the car splatter to a halt and end his race a few laps in.


Max revealed on a Dutch TV peep show, just how frustrating the engine failures are.


“This was an engine problem and, unfortunately, not the first time,” Max explained.


“It’s really gutting to drop out again when you’re in such a good position. If you look at how hard the guys work day and night to make the car work perfectly, then they’re really gutted as well when it breaks down.”


“On Wednesday, I’ll be in the simulator, at least there the engine can’t break down.”


It would seem Max may just know how Fernando is feeling at the moment, but for the young driver it is particularly hard especially after getting so close to another podium place.

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