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Chase Unhappy With Old Leadership

Chase Carey revealed he felt Bernie’s dictatorship only helped to further the leagues progression on a day to day without a overall plan….


Liberty Media giant, Chase Carey revealed his thoughts on Bernie’s leadership whilst in control of Formula 1.


He feels that it was never lead on a ‘long-term’ plan but instead short and sweet deals to keep the sport rolling afloat.


“This sport has been undeserved by a perpetual, short-term, deal of the day focus and one that has lacked a strategy, vision and longer-term plan, and a willingness to invest,” Carey explained.


“The sport didn’t have an organisation before,” 


“Bernie, to his credit, was a one-man show with financial and legal support.”


“One of the things we have done is put an organisation in place that can support the sport and we will have the key people in by August.”



Chase seems to believe he knows what the sport needs to attract it’s lost and until now, unconvinced fans.


“Priority one for us is still to make the sport and the competition on the track as exciting and engaging as it possibly can be,” Chase continued.


“Just the nature of what we do on the track, whether it’s rules, engines, costs, take time.”


“We’ve had meetings on what is the next generation engine, that engine isn’t going to get implemented in three months but it doesn’t mean we haven’t had multiple meetings,” 

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