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Toro Rosso

Daniil Kvyat – #26

Alexander Albon – #23

Red Flags Restart = Dangerous

  Carlos Sainz revealed the danger of Red Flag restarts and the trouble on the grid they can cause.....   After three red flags and three subsequent restarts after the debris was cleared.   It was on the third restart we saw the collision and then...

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Kvyat And Sainz Clash On Qualy Tactics

  Kvyat hit back at Carlos Sainz comments regarding their qualifying tactics as well as who is outperforming the other on track....   It seems the Toro pair is on shaky ground once again as Daniil Kvyat decides to no longer collaborate with Carlos regarding...

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Bitsize Vid – Kvyat Tackles Baku

  Daniil Kvyat jumps on the sim for some Baku training, And his personal, virtual drive-through of the track!     He has to be in one of the coolest gaming room! Who doesn't want to race whilst alongside some of the real cars.....

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