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Roman Grosjean

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Bitesize Vid – Canadian Radio Rants

A video from Formula1 now and it features some of the radio rants heard from the Canadian GP!.....   My favorite has to be Romain, he is so angry and surprised at the same time, he almost doesn't know what to...

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Steiner Not Taking Any Excuses From Sainz

  Carlos Sainz has been in the spotlight after he turned into Romain Grojean and took out Felipe Massa in what was a ridiculous move.....   Carlos Sainz almost ruined a race for Haas’ Romain Grosjean as well as taking Felipe Massa out in one fatal swoop.   During the...

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Grosjean Worried About Stunt Jump

  Grosjean has looked around the newly adjusted Monaco track and found a corner he believes is more of a stunt jump....   Romain Grosjean noticed some troubling sights on his his track walk around, after noticing a a new curb added to keep drivings in the line.   The...

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