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Max Verstappen

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Max Still Hurting From Failures

Max still seems very upset from so many brilliant performances only to be thwarted by technically issues with the car.....   Max Verstappen has suffered a terrible time recently after raising up through the grid only to have the car splatter to a halt and end his race...

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Daniel – ‘he’s going through a harder time’

Daniel Ricciardo revealed Max is getting hung up on missing places after two DNF's thanks to technical issues.....   Daniel capitalized on his lack of positions in Baku after making up a ridiculous amount of places over the course of the race.   Now Dan can tell that...

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£25,000 Sting For Max

Max Verstappen's disappointing DNF also landed the young driver with a huge fine after failing to addend a session after the race.....   Max Verstappen had to retire early once again after sitting quite comfortable in 4th place and a podium in sight.   However, it was...

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Marko Marks Max & Dan As Safe

  It seems Helmut Marko and RedBull are in charge of there drivers indefinitely and there is no 'end of season' for their contracts for the team, only reviews....   It seems Marko is keeping his cards very close to his chest after admitting that their contracts...

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Verstappen Emporium

  It's not unusual for drivers to have merchandise, in fact all have their own line of F1 gear, but very few have their own store!.....   From Toro to the Bulls and now onto his own 'haberdashery'  Max Verstappen has really been reaping the rewards of his success and...

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Christian Happy With Ricciardo Performance

Christian Horner reveled his glee at Ricciardo's podium place in RedBull racing but was disappointed for Max's break down on the 11th lap......   Daniel Ricciardo managed to claw his way past the Ferrari's and Force India's to clinch a third place finish.   This is...

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Max Upset With Lack Of Upgrades

Max is worried for the RedBull team after rumors arose that the team would not introduce any more upgrades this year, keeping them stuck behind the Ferrari and Merc cars.....   Max Verstappen has been slightly disappointed this year. After a strong performance from...

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Max Narrowly avoids Puncture

Sebastian revealed that he was surprised the young teenager got off scott-free after clipping the Germans car.....   Sebastian Vettel had an annoying start to the race after being clipped by what looked like a rocket power Verstappen.   The young Dutch driver stormed...

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Post Race Analysis – What Happened?!

  Well....I certainly didn't see any of that coming! It seems that many of the smaller teams came back with a vengeance......   Even in the first few seconds of the start, there was so much going on.   Fist Hamilton jumped straight into first ahead of Vettel and...

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