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Lewis Hamilton

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The Hero Is Only As Good As His Villain

  Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff revealed why the team had been so quiet on the Baku situation and elected not to really comment on it publically......    Firstly, I have to clarify the title, I'm by no means saying Lewis is a 'Hero', nor Seb anything close to a 'villain'....

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Rosberg Backs Hamiltons Actions

  Although over in the eyes of the FIA as well as for Lewis and Sebastian, Nico Rosberg has jumped in to add his thoughts on the 'incident'....   For those who have managed to avoid the stories filtering around regarding Sebastian's and Lewis' shunt on the Baku track,...

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Button Comments On Secretive Lewis

Jenson Button revealed Lewis has always been a very secretive driver and doesn't tend to mix with other drivers outside of when he really has to.....   Jenson opened up about Lewis Hamilton on track manner and revealed the driver doesn't really mix with any of the...

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Bitesize Vid – 360′ With Lewy

Lewis Hamilton takes us on a 360' tour in his new W08 and from the sounds he is making instead of the commentary, he is enjoying it very much!.....          ...

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Hamilton Hits Back At ‘Sleeping’ Vettel

  Lewis Hamilton hit back at Sebastian's 'triggered' knock in Azerbaijan and believes it was not his fault, Sebastian was 'sleeping'.....    Lewis Hamilton has dug himself deep once again into a media storm after Sundays Baku street race.   The incident was during the...

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Lewis – My Destiny Is In My Own Hands

  It seems Lewis is teetering on his future within in F1 and feels he could finish this year....If he wanted to!....   It seems the young Brit wants to prove something to the fans and press about who is in control of his career.   However, with the way Lewis is...

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Toto – Lewis Capitalizing On Failures

Toto Wolff revealed he is happy with Lewis' new change in attitude and believes the drivers drop from always being number one is helping his to race better across the season....   Lewis isn't used to being low on the podium, let alone not even on the podium, but as...

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Hamilton Happy With Bottas Pairing

Lewis Hamilton revealed he is happy with his new team-mate Valtteri Bottas and the crew is a lot more 'professional'......   Lewis had a very tough time getting a long with Nico Rosberg, call it a competitive streak or racing jealously, the pair were in a constant...

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Hamilton’s Sign Of Respect

  Lewis Hamilton revealed, his thumbs up to the young Lance Stroll was meant to be a sign of respect and appreciation for the tough year he has had.....    Mid overtake, Hamilton brazenly took his hand off the wheel to give Stroll a thumbs up!     In my opinion, I...

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