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Kimi Räikkönen

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Two Finns At War

Kimi Raikkonen revealed he and Bottas have had some very tense on track moments but believes their Baku story has only been blown up because they are both Finnish....   Kimi and Bottas have had a few tense on track moments throughout this season, mostly thanks to...

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Kimi Looking Forward To Austria GP

  Kimi Raikkonen is hoping to improve on his performance this year after being stuck just behind Seb for most of the season.....   Kimi Raikkonen seems to be struggling to get to grips with his new 2018 car as he just trails his team-mate Sebastian Vettel in...

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Bitesize Vid – Iceman Looses His Cool

It's not often that the Iceman, Kimi Räikkönen losses his call, but after a frustrating early finish in Baku to then only be run out again without his wheel. It seemed to be too much for the driver....     Although I do feel for Kimi, his reaction is so out...

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Bitesize Vid – Getting To Know Baku

Scuderia Ferrari takes us through the Baku city circuit, It's tight twists and turn and the drivers attack plan!.....     Azerbaijan is as beautiful as the track is tricky, it will be an all out dog fight straight from the get-go.  

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Raikonnen Not Angry With Ferrari

  Kimi Raikonnen revealed he has no anger towards the Ferrari team after many feel he was forced into second place, again....   Kimi Raikonnen suffered again at the hands of a poor strategy as well as some trouble with this brakes throughout the race.  ...

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Post Race Analysis – What Happened?!

  Well....I certainly didn't see any of that coming! It seems that many of the smaller teams came back with a vengeance......   Even in the first few seconds of the start, there was so much going on.   Fist Hamilton jumped straight into first ahead of...

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Ferrari Will Not Interfere

  Kimi has revealed the team do not get involved in the pairs race and there are no sneaky tactics to push Vettel to the front.....   Many were quick to suggest the pit stop at the Monaco GP that jumped Vettel ahead of Kimi was planned by the team on purpose...

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Social Sweetheart

This little Ferrari super man had the day of his dreams after his face was broadcast across the world on TV's and computers showing the poor boy in tears.....   One poor fan was shown to be crying in the stands which resulted in a social media storm which ended...

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Post Spain Review – Divide And Conquer

  It seems Sundays session of bumper karts, sorry I mean Formula 1, was as tense as it was ridiculous but what actually went on?.....   I will start of by saying, I do not believe I would have driven any better on Sunday and that I'm sure I couldn't even...

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