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Esteban Ocon

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Ocon Excited For Home Race

  Esteban Ocon is racing in a few weeks for the first time in F1 at his home track!.....   Esteban Ocon will finally get his chance to race in the big leagues for at his home track since joining as a full fledged driver this year.   "This is really one of the best...

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Perez Feeling Confident For Baku

  Going into Baku, Perez is preparing for another tight race, and the opportunity to keep ahead of Ocon and solidify his prominence in the team....   After a strong but tense race in Canada, both Force India drivers have something to prove going into Azerbaijan.  ...

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Szafnauer Suffering Hindsight

Otmar Szafnauer, Force India's chief operating officer believes the team missed a vital opportunity not letting Ocon attack Daniel Ricciardo.....   Otmar is feeling the annoying presence of hindsight after the team decided not to instigate team orders for Sergio Perez...

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Ocon Too Slow To Pass Sergio

  Sergio Perez believes he was right to ignore his team orders, but Ocon protest it was 'unfair' and the driver should be more considerate....   Sergio Perez and Esteban raced and amazing race Sunday with Ocon even managing to stay in second place for a fair while...

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Post Race Analysis – What Happened?!

  Well....I certainly didn't see any of that coming! It seems that many of the smaller teams came back with a vengeance......   Even in the first few seconds of the start, there was so much going on.   Fist Hamilton jumped straight into first ahead of Vettel and...

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Post Spain Review – Divide And Conquer

  It seems Sundays session of bumper karts, sorry I mean Formula 1, was as tense as it was ridiculous but what actually went on?.....   I will start of by saying, I do not believe I would have driven any better on Sunday and that I'm sure I couldn't even begin to...

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