McLaren set to confirm Renault engine deal for 2018?

McLaren look set to switch to Renault power units from 2018 with an announcement possibly due this week.

It is being reported that the deal will only go ahead, however, if Toro Rosso can be convinced to switch to Honda engines, as not only will this then free up the Italian team’s supply of Renaults, but it will also ensure Honda remains in the sport.

McLaren, Honda, Renault, Toro Rosso and Red Bull all attended a series of meetings last weekend in Monza, but nothing was finalised.

“It is complicated because you want to do the best for F1 as well – it is not only about McLaren,” Boullier told reporters. “Whatever will happen – and it is a good collaborative work with all the parties in the paddock – we all try to make the best of the situation, but I will not comment more than this.”

“We need to know what we do and where we go [though] because there is a timing issue with next year’s car design,” he added.

Meanwhile, McLaren executive director, Zak Brown, told that the deal is far from done.

“There’s a couple of different scenarios. That’s the scenario that everyone’s waiting to hear, if something’s happened with those two [that Honda will go with Toro Rosso]. But that’s not the only scenario.”

“Yeah, [the] ideal scenario everyone’s smiling at the end. I think it’s possible,” he continued. “Toro Rosso need to make it… They’re probably going to be the ones… There was this reported deadline, [I] don’t know about that, they’ve not told me about it.

“But it’s next week, so everything hinges on that.”

McLaren has become frustrated with Honda after three seasons of struggles – both in terms of performance and reliability – and while Honda is keen to continue with the team, Honda F1 chief Yusuke Hasegawa knows the relationship might be beyond saving.

“I’m still trying to make good performance to convince them but I’m not sure it will be enough,” Hasegawa confirmed to

“Honda [will] never give up on keeping this collaboration.”

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