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The Belgian Grand Prix kick started the second half of the 2013 season and things are getting heated up about the drivers and the teams and the contracts for the next season. Even the wet qualifying was not enough to detract the media from the other spectacle bigger than the race and the championship. Kimi was the phenomenon that was discussed up and down the pit lane.

His absenteeism from the Thursday‘s press conference and speculations from F1 pundits only heightened the thrill of playing the guessing game on who goes where in 2014. With this taking the centre stage, all was momentarily forgotten about Lewis starting the race from P1. The wily old Vettel was watching with steely eyed determination to dethrone the red arrows from top spot. Webber was to be his rear gunner, if he got his start right.

The lights went out and what a charge it was to the first corner. Grojean almost repeated what he did on his previous outing in Spa. Fernando had a good start and all seemed to go well for him and in the front, the Red Bull of Vettel charged its way past the Mercedes of Lewis. Webber on the other hand saw himself going back and he almost was the prey for the Ferrari and the Mc Laren of Button.

Pirelli seemed to behave well. Even the weather did not wreak havoc and the racing was poised to be interesting as this is a track that was best laid out for over taking from Eau Rouge to Les Combes and despite Kimi’s eighth place in the qualifying he was lining up for at least a podium finish. But his run of podiums and victories and the points finish was finally halted when the fat lady sang in the form of brake failure.

Elsewhere in the circuit, there were isolated incidents with Perez and Maldonado and Paul Di Resta but something else evolved as the race progressed. The racing drivers saw red. It was Fernando who was having a relatively “boring” race after gaining eight places to finish second on the podium. It was a stalemate in terms of the winner. Vettel did it again much to the disappointment of the English fans who were rooting for win for Lewis.

Rosberg and Button finished where they started and the biggest winner was Fernando who gained seven places to finish second. Hamilton and Webber lost two places. Another big winner in all of this was Daniel Ricciardo who gained nine places to finish tenth.

Despite the race being a thriller, it still did not answer many questions.

As we head out to the home of Ferrari, questions remain over the new contracts. Kimi still seems to dominate the headlines. Hardliners think that the deals have already been done and this is just an extraordinary piece of showmanship. It will be a chain reaction of signing new contracts and getting the best agreements being made. There are even rumours of the return of the Michelin tyres.

The tifosi would want a race winner and with the Spaniard a favourite, they would hate to see him go. But then again they want the prancing horse to finish first. This would mean that the Ice Man would be welcome if he brought them the glory.

This may be the longest fortnight for some. This may also be the best for a few more. But Formula 1 is alive and kicking with fresh stories every minute. Monza, here we come.

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