F1 2013 – Sauber never faced bankruptcy

Formula One News » F1 2013 – Sauber never faced bankruptcy

Sauber team Principal Monisha Kaltenborn has revealed that Sauber were not facing bankruptcy before the team agreed 3 new partnerships with Russian backers. Monisha also revealed sauber had several back up options should the deals not of completed.

“Because of the extent and scope of this deal, we knew it would take a while, so we didn’t really get too depressed or disturbed by what was being written.”

“We focused on getting our deal done. We’ve been working with these partners for a while. It wouldn’t be right for us to think that ‘if we don’t get this, we can’t survive’ we’ve gone through tough times before and we know we can survive.”

“We had other options, clearly, but we felt that this was the best for the team, it’s just a question of do you want to just survive or sustainably stay here and sometime, sooner or later, make a step ahead again.

“That was our focus and we knew that if this deal came through in this way, we had that basis for the long term to really make our way up again.

“That’s what’s going to happen now.”

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