F1 2013 – Pirelli confirm only minimal changes to tyres from Canada

Formula One News » F1 2013 – Pirelli confirm only minimal changes to tyres from Canada

Pirelli who were thought to be preparing to change their tyres significantly for the Canadian Grand Prix have confirmed that the upcoming changes will be less than expected.

The FIA is reported to of ruled against Pirelli making changes as such significant changes to a tyres compound could only be done so on safety grounds.

Pirelli boss Paul Hembery said “The changes required would appear less than first envisaged,” he added.

“We’re trying to find something that is sportingly equitable amongst the vast majority that allows us to rid ourselves of the tread (problem),”

“We’re hopeful we can do that without making such a change that would radically alter the work of any team so far.”

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  1. KevinW
    Posted 20/05/2013 at 23:10 | Permalink

    Who cares. 2013 is tainted by the further amplification of tires as the center of F1. It’s comical that the media now have it pegged that Red Bull is struggling, thus demanding the tires be changed – when they are 2X winners, ahead in the championships, etc… Red Bull did not do well in China or Barcelona… not a big surprise, they never do well at those tracks, while those that usually do, did. The argument for continuing the disgusting tire mess as a inoculation against procession racing is a joke. The last 20-25 laps of each race this season has been a parade of fast cars running slow to preserve their delicate junk tires. This was so bad in Spain that Gutierrez took fastest lap honors in the Sauber… yeah, that’s great racing, 25-40% of it parading – another name for the same thing – procession. It’s a joke. I no longer believe the fastest car and team will win F1. In fact, it could be won by a car that is decidedly slower (Lotus), because its better on its tires. Is this really what everyone wants as “F1″?

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