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  • Drivers’ Championship

    1Nico Rosberg202
    2Lewis Hamilton191
    3Daniel Ricciardo131
    4Fernando Alonso115
    5Valtteri Bottas95
    6Sebastian Vettel88
    7Nico Hulkenberg69
    8Jenson Button60
    9Felipe Massa40
    10Kevin Magnussen37
  • Constructors’ Championship

    2Red Bull219
    5Force India98
  • F1 Spanish Grand Prix 2013 – Button: Our form is “embarrassing”

    Formula One News » F1 Spanish Grand Prix 2013 – Button: Our form is “embarrassing”

    Jenson button who started the 2013 Spanish Grand Prix from 13th position concedes McLarens form is “embarrassing” and that the team “have a lot of work to do”.

    Button told BBC sport “It’s a little bit embarrassing because we’re not doing a very good job at the moment,”

    “We are doing everything we can. Thanks for the support from the fans.”

    “We’ve got a lot of work to do. There’s a lot of useful information to go through from the new parts on the car and we’ve got some other parts coming for Monaco, too.”

    “I got a bad start, dropping back to 17th, and I was in a whole world of pain right then, I just couldn’t get any tyre temperature.

    “It was a slow lap to grid for some reason. The leader can dictate pace and when a Mercedes is dictating, it’s very slow. It works for them but not for us.

    “When we moved to the harder of the two tyre compounds after the first stop, the balance was much better. I overtook a Mercedes and beat some cars we didn’t think we would.

    “It’s not fantastic, but to get through to eighth shows a good job by the team in terms of strategy.”

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