F1 2013 – Williams downturn due to Pirelli tyres

Formula One News » F1 2013 – Williams downturn due to Pirelli tyres

The Williams F1 team have revealed their early season slump is due to the unpredictable Pirelli tyres, but are confident they will be on top of their issues once racing resumes in Europe.

Chief race engineer Xevi Pujolar told ESPN We are working with a package for Spain and we expect to be better, but at the moment we’re still in the process.”

“Because all the races are very close together and at every race the track is changing, what’s happening with the tyres is changing, so we see the problem but obviously the problem is not exactly the same from one place to another and we’re just catching up and trying to get the best for Barcelona.

“I think once we’re in Europe everything will be a bit easier; just for the logistics and the way that we are close to the factory. Everything will work much better.”

“When something is not working with the car that part gets more attention but it’s not like everyone is looking at that. Everyone needs to be looking at [their own areas] – people working on the mechanical are still looking at the mechanical side, or tyres, otherwise it will be very difficult to get out of the problem. Everyone needs to be focused on their bit of the car.”

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  1. Posted 26/04/2013 at 16:47 | Permalink

    Pirelli have lost the plot and are single handedly destroying F1.

    I used to fit Pirelli tyres to my old AC & Mercedes and BMW steeds – but never again. The last set fitted to my 5 series had intrusive road roar and poor grip – just like today’s F1 tyres.

    Pirelli – It is clearly too hot for you in F1 – Time to get out of the Kitchen.

    Hembery should be “re-tired” (forcefully)

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