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  • Drivers’ Championship

    1Nico Rosberg238
    2Lewis Hamilton216
    3Daniel Ricciardo166
    4Valtteri Bottas122
    5Fernando Alonso121
    6Sebastian Vettel106
    7Jenson Button72
    8Nico Hulkenberg70
    9Felipe Massa55
    10Kimi Raikkonen41
  • Constructors’ Championship

    2Red Bull272
    6Force India109
  • Formula 1 2013 – Paul di Resta: Give me a faster car!

    Formula One News » Formula 1 2013 – Paul di Resta: Give me a faster car!

    Paul di Resta insists there were plenty of positives to take from the 2013 Bahrain grand prix but insists if the team want a podium then they need to work hard to give him a faster car.

    As a team I think we have to congratulate everyone – the performance this weekend has been good and we will go away with positive notes from it,”

    “We got caught out by Grosjean who didn’t qualify where he should have and had four sets of new tyres to do a three-stop race – that would have been the fastest way of any car had you had those tyres.

    “He had the tyre life to do it, but there were strengths in the Grand Prix to pick up on. I probably could have been a bit more aggressive at times, but it is a lot of points and a solid job. When you can take advantage of the misfortune of the Ferraris and beat McLaren on outright pace, it is a crucial point for us.”

    “We should take a huge amount of credit from the first four grands prix, but the team are going to have to work hard and bring updates if they want this podium – they are going to have to work more for it than we are.”

    “They want a podium – well give me a faster car and I will get a podium! So if they work a bit harder in the design office and we get some more resources there is no reason we cannot do it.

    “As a team we are performing to our maximum capacity, it is just a case of getting that bit more to give us a bit more comfort at the end of races and to get us in the position in qualifying every week to do that.”

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