F1 Bahrain Grand Prix – Button: Perez has to calm down

Formula One News » F1 Bahrain Grand Prix – Button: Perez has to calm down

Jenson Button says Sergio Perez’s driving at the Bahrain grand prix was “dirty” and warned that “something serious” could happen if Perez doesn’t “calm down”.

“I was so angry and you have to be careful, being in Formula One for so long, you learn how to control your anger, but you still get close to your limit and it was one of those days.

“I’m not used to driving along a straight and having a team-mate coming alongside me and wiggling his wheels at me, and banging wheels at 300 kilometres an hour.

“That isn’t normally the way I go racing. Maybe it’s the way we go racing now, but it’s not the way I want to. He touched me from behind and he touched me on the side going in a straight line at 300 kilometres an hour. That’s dangerous.

“I’ve had some tough fights in F1, but not quite as dirty as that. Something serious will happen soon, so he has to calm down.”

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