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  • Drivers’ Championship

    1Nico Rosberg61
    2Lewis Hamilton50
    3Nico Hulkenberg28
    4Fernando Alonso26
    5Jenson Button23
    6Sebastian Vettel23
    7Kevin Magnussen20
    8Valtteri Bottas18
    9Sergio Perez16
  • Constructors’ Championship

    2Force India44
    4Red Bull35
  • Formula 1 – Kimi Raikkonen talks about the Pirelli tyres and racing in F1

    Formula One News » Formula 1 – Kimi Raikkonen talks about the Pirelli tyres and racing in F1

    Kimi Raikkonen who kicked of the 2013 F1 season with a victory in Australia says racing hasn’t changed much over the years as “It’s more or less the same people, same teams.”

    Raikkonen told ESPN “I think we did pretty OK last year so hopefully we can do a bit better this year but obviously it’s a long season and we have some bad races and we might be out. So when we have a bad race we have to try to minimise those and make the most out of it.”

    “I don’t think racing at the front is any different than it has been in the past, obviously the cars are quite different and in some years you had it quite easy to overtake and some not but it depends a lot on your own car.

    “If your car is good and you’re quick then as a starting point the racing itself is the same. Different tyres sometimes, but F1 hasn’t really changed a lot in 10-odd years that I’ve been here.”

    “It’s more or less the same people, same teams; the rules keep changing but it doesn’t affect F1 an awful lot when we race the same way in the same places.”

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