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  • Drivers’ Championship

    1Nico Rosberg220
    2Lewis Hamilton191
    3Daniel Ricciardo156
    4Fernando Alonso121
    5Valtteri Bottas110
    6Sebastian Vettel98
    7Nico Hulkenberg70
    8Jenson Button68
    9Felipe Massa40
    10Kimi Raikkonen39
  • Constructors’ Championship

    2Red Bull254
    6Force India103
  • Alonso: Vettel “almost stopped”

    Formula One News » Alonso: Vettel “almost stopped”

    Fernando Alonso believes the blame lies with Sebastian Vettel after he “almost stopped” on the opening lap of the Malaysian grand prix, causing Fernando Alonso to run into the back of him breaking his front wing.

    The drama didn’t end there for Alonso, instead of coming into the pits he stayed out on track causing his front wing to break and displace beneath the car. Alonso stayed out as the track was drying and tried to time one single pit stop for tyres and a new wing rather than 2 separate pit stops.

    “Unfortunately, we were very unlucky,” said Fernando Alonso.

    “After making a good start I touched Vettel at the second corner. It was a surprise to find him there, almost stopped. I don’t know what speed he was doing.

    “Despite the fact the car was damaged, it didn’t seem to be too bad and, together with the team, we decided to keep going.

    “If we’d stopped immediately, and then again on lap three or four to fit dry tyres, we would have dropped too far back and lost the chance to finish up the front.

    “It’s easy to criticise this decision, but at the time it seemed like the right one.

    “It was certainly a shame because here we could have fought with the Red Bulls, but circumstances didn’t help.

    “Apart from the wisdom of the decisions we took, bad luck really played its part when you think how many off-track excursions there were in Australia without any consequence.”


    1. layla fletcher
      Posted 25/03/2013 at 11:54 | Permalink

      I think vettel has got way to big for his boots. Felt for Mark Webber. Vettel needs a reality check

    2. Milan
      Posted 25/03/2013 at 16:13 | Permalink

      As for pure racing, Alonso was in the car, his team with him from the pit. I was just watching, so it would be stupid to ad a comment. I am of course glad that it was just a racing misfortune. However, I do remember that Felipe had his helmet crashed not so long ago. It was just a small metal piece at mach F1. It could cost him more than it did. Fortunately, it did not. I understand that people in F1 are used to speed. I understand that a lot has been done for safety. Still, sometimes I feel F1 people are crossing the safety borderline.

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