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  • Drivers’ Championship

    1Lewis Hamilton241
    2Nico Rosberg238
    3Daniel Ricciardo181
    4Fernando Alonso133
    5Sebastian Vettel124
    6Valtteri Bottas122
    7Jenson Button72
    8Nico Hulkenberg72
    9Felipe Massa65
    10Sergio Perez45
  • Constructors’ Championship

    2Red Bull305
    5Force India117
  • McLaren struggle for pace, hoping for points at the Australian grand prix

    Formula One News » McLaren struggle for pace, hoping for points at the Australian grand prix

    McLaren have stated they are worried about their pace, a statement echoed by jenson button.

    “I think we should be worried about the pace,” Whitmarsh told Sky Sports F1.

    “It is a tough day in the office for everyone at the moment, we are lacking grip and there is a lot of head scratching at the moment, but certainly we are lacking pace.
    “I think we are still learning and there is a lot we still need to learn about this car. But we have struggled frankly to quite understand how it is performing – understanding the tyres and the car.”

    “We took the decision to make a lot of changes and knew that to some extent that would put us back a little bit, but we were hoping to get on top of that before the first race.

    “As of today we are still undoubtedly struggling and that is something we need to gather good information on and work through it this weekend.”

    “The way things have gone today, I think points would be very positive,” Jenson Button told Autosport.

    “We’re obviously not quick. The feeling is not good with the car, so we’ve got a lot of homework.”
    “After the last test we knew we didn’t have the pace. We couldn’t have got anywhere near the lap times the other guys were doing in testing.

    “We were over a second off, and it’s even more here. And that’s not right.

    “You always hope that when you get to the first race and it’s a bit warmer that things will turn your way, but at the moment they haven’t.”

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