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  • Drivers’ Championship

    1Nico Rosberg61
    2Lewis Hamilton50
    3Nico Hulkenberg28
    4Fernando Alonso26
    5Jenson Button23
    6Sebastian Vettel23
    7Kevin Magnussen20
    8Valtteri Bottas18
    9Sergio Perez16
  • Constructors’ Championship

    2Force India44
    4Red Bull35
  • Sergio Perez is desperate for his first race win

    Formula One News » Sergio Perez is desperate for his first race win

    Sergio Perez is hoping to get his first ever F1 career victory this season but warns don’t expect “crazy things” from him in order to achieve it.

    Sergio Perez joins Mclaren this year and is expected to be in a car capable of fighting at the front of the grid for wins.

    “As a Formula One driver you dream of winning your first race. It is something you dream about all your life, I’ve no idea what it feels like. I have to be honest, I’m desperate for a win.”

    “But in Melbourne, I’ll drive normally. I won’t drive desperately to get my win because I need consistency, to score points.

    “I know the win will come at some point, so I’m not that desperate – well, I’m very desperate to get the win – but I won’t push to get it straight away and do crazy things, especially in the beginning. We need the points and we need the consistency throughout the year.”

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