Caterham: No false promises for the 2013 F1 season

Formula One News » Caterham: No false promises for the 2013 F1 season

Cyril Abiteboul the team principal of Caterham feels the team disappointed fans and driver last year by not living up to expectations.

“The relationship with our [previous] drivers was good, but I think to some extent we let them down,” Abiteboul told AUTOSPORT.

“We disappointed them just like we may have disappointed the public, the fans, the followers on Twitter, because maybe we made some promises, representations of where we wanted to be, but maybe not exactly where we were expecting to be or being realistic about where we would end up being.
“We have not made any representation that we will be fighting in the middle of the midfield at the first race to anyone [this year]. That is something we have been very clear about.”

“I want us to make sure that we perfectly understand all that is happening on track, which is a big change from last year,”
“I want us to be fully in control of why something is working or not working.
“I also want us to make sure that we seize any possible opportunities, including opportunities to score, because that is something that at some point of the season – not for the first races, but at some point – might happen.

“We might be able to catch the midfield on merit and, when there is enough activity going on on track, score a point.
“Scoring a point on merit is not something that is going to happen this year, but scoring a point when something strange is happening is not something that can be ruled out.”

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