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  • Drivers’ Championship

    1Lewis Hamilton291
    2Nico Rosberg274
    3Daniel Ricciardo199
    4Valtteri Bottas145
    5Sebastian Vettel143
    6Fernando Alonso141
    7Jenson Button94
    8Nico Hulkenberg76
    9Felipe Massa71
    10Kevin Magnussen49
  • Constructors’ Championship

    2Red Bull342
    6Force India123
  • James Allison: the Lotus E21 looks “competitive”

    Formula One News » James Allison: the Lotus E21 looks “competitive”

    Lotus F1 technical director James Allision believes the Lotus E21 is both “competitive” and “reasonably reliable” after a strong outing in Jerez last week.

    “Winter testing is exceedingly precious, we get just 12 days to prove out a very complex vehicle. Twelve days to push the car and the team to make sure that we are match fit by the time we get to Melbourne.

    “Jerez offers the teams four days of guaranteed good weather on a challenging track that will stress the car from both a reliability and a performance point of view.

    “We leave this first test in high spirits having learned that the E21 looks both competitive and reasonably reliable.”
    “The main thrust of activity between now and Melbourne is to build up the quantity of stock so that we can go racing we are using just one chassis here in Jerez, but in a month’s time we need to have four tubs ready to go.

    “Gearboxes, suspension, bodywork and thousands of small parts all need to be made to allow us to commence the racing campaign.

    “At the same time, we will be furiously building a crucial set of Melbourne performance upgrades to allow us to stay competitive. While the factory sweats to get this work completed, the travelling component of the team will plan and execute the remaining two tests.

    “They will push the car as hard as they can to make sure we have amplified its strengths and minimised its weaknesses before we have to use it in anger.”

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