McLaren F1 launch the MP4-28 – First Pictures

Formula One News » McLaren F1 launch the MP4-28 – First Pictures

McLaren have launched the MP4-28 today and here are the first photos of the 2013 F1 challenger from McLaren.

Jenson button: said that he first “saw the car as one late last night and it has been an exciting time.” Jenson also said that he really feels the history of the team and what its achieved, its really exciting for all of us.”

Jenson added that he is “Hoping for great achievements this year. The car may look the same but under the skin this car is so so different. “

Sergio perez, the new boy at Mclaren, when asked about his first few months at Mclaren said “amazing, very busy couple of months, it’s hard to believe I’m part of this family”


mclaren mp428


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